Thursday, June 23, 2016

Freebie: July Planner pages: Keep it tidy and beautiful

Making lists? Yes, please!

  Every year the same problem: finding the perfect planner and because I couldn't, this year I hand drawn my own until this month when I made in Photoshop.

A welcoming page to the hot July ;)

Two pages to note everything important in this months with lots o space to write whatever is important to you

Every week has 2 pages and it starts from Monday to Sunday

And at the end, some notes with all you want to remember about this month or just about anything. 
maybe some doodles?

Download here

For print: choose your size in the print dialogue box. You can print it in A4 or letter - whatever suit you. 
For A5 planner: Choose "Booklet" and it will print both sides and in the right order. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Illustrated knitting pattern for a baby bonnet

I wanted for so long to offer knitting patterns for baby items, but not just your usual  pattern. 
One combiled with a little bit of art. 
An illustrated knitting pattern. 

bare in mind that this is not a very detailed one, just more of a general guidelines

You can have it printed to decorate your craft room, or just let it stay on your desk. 

I could make for you a card, that you could send to a special someone. 

cute, huh?

Please let me know what you make of it :)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Knitting a custom order

Evey now and then I get a message that sounds a bit like: could you combine this: 

and this: 

Well...I say..Yes, please! Just let me play with colors, pleaseee! Ear flaps? Yes! I'd love to add them, it'll be so cute! 
I do tend to get sometimes overly excited  about custom orders LOL

Ok. I know this pic is simply of an awfull quality, but please do forgive me, as the November weather here, these days looks like it is all night and ....well...night. 

Anyhow, I do enjoy each and every custom order I get!


Friday, October 31, 2014

Baby photography

I just can not have enough of seing those buckets of sweetness that little babies are :) 

Maryann from The Studio loft was so kind to send me today these beautiful pics: 

Doesn't she look smashing in this knit romper and bonnet set? 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dreamy mohair romper

I am more and more enjoying working with lighter yarns, I love the feel, the dreamy look

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Chill out Sunday Freebie

hey, people, it is time to take it slow, the day we choose to rest and why not do some coloring

You can download for FREE this image from Pam

Saturday, August 30, 2014

A trip to my candy store

I am sure for all the knitters out there the candy shop is the yarn shop, am I right? when I enter I am like a kid and I just don't know what to get because I want to get it all!

So, I have to make a plan about what I will knit, then pick the yarn for it. if I don't do this, I will leave with a full bag and an empty wallet!
I mean, look at all these beauties! 
And the reasonable part of me has to ask: "What are you plan to do with it?"

I know! I will offer grab bags, in just one color: let's say, 3 different blue bonnets, like I had before and they were pretty appreciated in the shop. 

Now, the question: what color? 

I know that most of the photographers prefer organic, neutral colors, but I am sure there are my kind of people out there with the bold and happy colors, so TODAY I go for the bright 'n sunny yellow: 

 Really did not needed this yarn, but, hey, I only got 3!
(and a new pair of needles)

You are loved!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Knitting from a pattern

so, here I am obessing about baby girl dresses, I mean knitted baby girl dresses: I am looking for patterns, free patterns, payed patterns, and I buy some, just in case until it grows into quite a collection of baby girl dresses pdfs

now I'm looking for the ones that I could actually knit with my limited skills, (I'd say) and my thing, that I don't use the bellow 4mm needles. reading, looking for the gauges...hmmm 26 stitches for 4"? that's a lot!

after some days have passed and I was just drawling on pinterest for all the pretty lil' baby girl dresses, I come across this fab cotton yarn: looking like a happy rainbow. I can see the swallows flying by! and I can just imagine....what a cutie!

Picking one of the patterns, looking good....checking the gauge....hmmm ..almost, but I do some math and hey! I'll multiply everything by 0.68 and it'll be just fab! (did I mention that I love math?) always did. :)

they say cast on 69 stitches? well, almost 47, I cast on 47....and off I go and I just loove it!

wait a minute, wait a minute! the shoulders were supposed to be a couple of inches! they are wayy to big!

oh, my! oh, my! I worked half a day on this! I will NOT undo it! Nope!

It's kindda cute, don't you think?

I decided to make a poncho :)
Knit on, girl, knit on!

Did I do ok after all? I think so! It is quite a sweet poncho! with a bandana to fit, too!

So, if life gives you lemons? 

PS Always check your gauge! or you might end up with a poncho instead of a dress!
hugs 'n kisses

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hand knit baby hats

Having my girly colors I started one morning making some beanies, adorned with a little knit bow - well, the bow came out bigger than the initial thought. 
get the white
get the pink 
deffinetly get the beige

while I was knitting I was thinking of colors for the little boys
...or should I make matching pants?
           .....or should I try some baby cardigans?

well, the best inspiration comes while working, isn't it!

so many ideas! so little time!

Monday, June 09, 2014

Rochita ei de printesa

Umbla fara sens pe intinsul taram denumit "web" - si nu degeaba, se gandea ea, se numeste "web" adica, vezi tu, panza de paianjen.... ca te prinde, te lipesti si nu mai poti scapa usor.  Dar uneori se intampla si minuni.
In acea zi s-a intamplat asta:

Era minunata. Trebuia sa o vada. trebuia sa o atinga

Delicate flori, blande si parca tremurand in adierea unui vant de primavara

 ca o plimbare in toiul noptii in care luna lumineaza, ca un tainic partas, doar ce e frumos

A aparut ea: rochita ei de printesa.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Sewing girls summer skirts

May is here so, it means we all think of summer. Beautiful, happy clothing, green leaves and  flowers, summer breeze...
 * Summer skirts for our girls or for ourselves. *
I just love summer skirts :))
My mother used to sew for me and somehow it got to me and stayed there hidden, until I bought a sewing machine for mysef.
Inspired by the sunshine, yesterday I went out and got some cute fabrics, laces an here's what came out of it:

I hope you like them!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Spring colors

As spring is almost here, I find myself more tempted to use stronger colors. I found this fabric that I could not just let go. Must I say that I wasn't planning on buying any fabrics at all??
But I just love it! Don't ya?
I matched to the set an equally happy and colorful headband 

What's not to love about it? 
for me it spells: S. U. N.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Intr-o zi, fasole

Nu stiu si nu inteleg de ce fasolele nu sunt si ele iubite. Poate pentru ca sunt considerate "mancarea saracului" alaturi de cartofi. mmm! minunatii cartofi pe care toti ii iubim pe ascuns, mai ales pe cei prajiti, ca fereasca-te sa spui in compania unor "doamne bine" ca iti plac, sau ca ii dai copilului din cand in cand macar. Oi, hai ca nu merg in directia asta ca ma apuc sa spun despre pranzuri copioase formate din 3 frunzulite de rucola, asezonate cu o picatura de lamaie, sau hai, sa facem un abuz, si sa punem si un fir de sare. Ulei??? nuuuu. nu ulei! Desert? 1/15 dintr-o capsuna. (ca tot am invatat despre fractii la scoala) aduse la numitor comun cu 5 pahare de apa.

Deci, sa ma intorc frumos spre dragele de fasole, facute asa cum imi place mie, cu muuulta ceapa si morcovi si ardei (de la congelator) aveam in casa si o bucatica de telina, pe care am pus-o. Carnati afumati, facuti de tata, si cativa de magazin, plini de e-uri sa nu cumva sa intram in sevraj.

Aaa! nitel usturoi, piper, cimbru bineinteles

Intai, pun usturoiul si condimentele in ulei, cateva secunde, nu mult, ca imediat usturoiul se transform in ce nu vrei si nu mai miroase bine.

e bine sa ai la indemana ceapa si celelalte taiate sau date prin razatoarea mare
carnatii ii prajesc separat in alta tigaie
Fasolea fierbe de mult, cu 'n-shpe ape schimbate, si inmuiate de cu seara. Noroc de cana de fiert pe care am luat-o cu fabuloasa suma de 30 lei si care face toti banii. 

stinse cu suc de rosii, tot de la tata, facut cu rosii bune, din gradina :)

si gata! Ta-daaa! Fasole cu carnati!

Cum altfel sa mananci fasolele, decat cu un ochi alaturi (daca ai, adauga-ti in farfurie si ceva cascaval afumat, merge de minune, eu nu am avut) 
Sa nu uit de muraturi: mere si castraveti :) asa, ca sa m laud pe final, merele murate, puse tot de tatal meu, cu mere din copacullui din gradina lui. Best!
Te iubim, tati!

Sa aveti pofta si sanatate!

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