Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First recycled T-shirt pom pom

I saw it sometime ago on Craftaholics Anonimous a tutorial about how to make really cute pom poms from recycled t-shirts. So, today I cut in stripes one of Andu's tees and made my forst pom pom :)
I am quite happy with it, and I plan to make more, actually a whole bouquet for my hallway. Yup!
I know, I know it is not perfect, but still....it's the first one :)
...and I need more cardboard to make another template :)
Would you like to make one? Here's how!
My advice: you need a really good scissors!


  1. What a fun idea ! I love the pink : )

  2. That's a cute idea! I am currently in the midst of a rag rug just like this, made from garage sale t-shirts. I'll post it if I ever finish!

  3. I think it's lovely. You should definitely make more. Pom poms are so cute :)

  4. Janet, I'd love to see the rag rug!

  5. Thank you! last night I made another one in white. i'll b back with photos when the whole bouquet is ready :)

  6. what an awesome idea!! pom poms are so adorable!


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