Monday, August 08, 2011

New kitten on the block!

   Some time ago, about a week, or so, Andu came with a skinny, mini, itsy,bitsy kitten. black and white. with huuge years, like a bat's years; hungry for some milk and some love.
    I said, Ok! Let's keep it a day or two, but, we all love him (I think.. or her. Do not really know) I'll take it to a vet, for all the check ups.
    For our new kitten, I've  made the Monday Moodboard:

The wonderful artists are:

And our smitten kitten:


  1. ooh new kitty in da house :D he/she looks lovely, i'm sure he/she'll get loads of love <3 and lovely moonboard :))

  2. I think it's a he...anyway, we call him Mitzu

  3. great creations, and cute cat...hope your day is awesome!

    enjoy *~*

  4. Your new kitty is so cute! Great mood board for him/her :)

  5. Yesterday my kitten slept so much, I hope nothin's wrong....may be the weather...turns to rainy

  6. Such a sweet moodboard, and your new family member is a cutie :)
    thanks for playing :)

  7. You are so lucky to have found this guy! Look at his little nose. He's so cute! I know that you will both bring eachother lots of joy and love for many years.


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