Saturday, August 13, 2011

Poppy flowers applique

I'm thinking of making a garland out of these flowers and the small ones
Think of the many many things that can be made with the beautiful and big poppy flowers:
a headband fom one big and 2 small poppies, hairclips, combs or just spread them on the table for a romantic decor :)
Well, I pin them on my dresses, skirts, shirts and I wear the flowers all the time at work or just when I go out.
I wonder....what would you do with them? I'll give you 25% off for telling me here on a comment or on my FB page :)


  1. they are so playful! they'd also look wonderful as shoeclips... or pinned on a clutch!

  2. I love the spots, Kara! Never across in my mind about this combination. Well done!

    Etsy Blog Team

  3. Oh! indeed! i's love some shoe clips, magda!

  4. I was also thinking shoe clips! I think the garland will look awesome

  5. Adorable, whatever you do with them! I love the polka dots too.

  6. I can think of lots of things these can be used for. So cute!

  7. I was thinking of buying some shoe clips, for me to wear my flowers :)

  8. You're all so sweet! thanks for the wonderful, kind words xo


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