Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall (-ing) into FALL

Fall is here. Are you ready for it? are you ready for the long nights? for the cold mornings? For no more green? There's some beautiful orange, rust, red, yes, that is true...and then it turns to gray for the next 5 months. It is beautiful for a while, I admit it, but I really do not like winter at all. not one bit of it. and fall is like the Sunday before the Monday: do you really hate Mondays? then, you do not like Sundays, too.

then again...
Maybe it's just me.
Fall is a beautiful season.


  1. Awesome finds!
    Thank you for the feature and have agreat week!

  2. love these colors! so pretty finds!

  3. Well I on the other hand love winter but then again ours is not as bad as yours...

    Lovely mood!

  4. Aww it's a beautiful collection even if you do dread the season. I love autumn and winter - no hayfever or insect bites for me!!

  5. I love Fall espacially in September... although it is grey and rainy last few days lol :P

    Here where I live is winter like ....6 months... I like winter to (I think this way today .. ask me let say in february .. I might change my mind) :)

    Anyway - lovely moodboard

  6. Thank you all specially for being here, and I am so happy that you liked my MM!
    I am born in september, and up until now it was my fav month of the year: the skies seemed so blue, the weather just right, not too cold, not too hot. But I do not know what happened. All the love turned to summer, the beach, the and bright colors, birds singing.

  7. Wonderful moodboard!
    Thanks for playing :)


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