Thursday, February 09, 2012

What else?

I make the fabric flowers and as a preacher that practices what he preaches, I use my flowers all over the place! I mean what can you not do with flowers, well, assuming that you are the romantic kindda girl, and you love also butterflies, little angels and kittens :)
aaa! let me take a break from that thought and tell you something my friend told me: you, the creative people are mostly all alike: you all love to hug your cup of coffe or tea in your hands to feel the warmth, you all are too kind and generous, you all keep your legs up on the chairs, love cats...Ha! Ha! Ha! I do! but I can not speak for other "creative people" ;)
back to what I was saying, I use the flowers on paintings ( I need to brag about my paintings sometime:))),
on my curtains....

on what else would you put them?

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