Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I recently took part of a critique group on etsy, on the wonderful team I am in: European Street Team. Since then, I am trying to update my shop (the Sweet & the Cool)

I just can not seem to get the banner to look right, and I am asking for some help - pretty please!





I feel like I should work some more. The no 4. is the first one I made, maybe I should use it again (?)
Thank you!


  1. Try cahnging fonts so that there would be only one shrift type of font used. Combine it with something complitely opposite - a sans-serif font for example... It is usually enough to use only two different fonts in one design. Or to use something very plainlooking as a third one... :-)

    My fav is no. 4, but I guess it also depends on shop itself which one relly would fit the best...

  2. Btw - the current one you have in your shop now - seems Ok to me. It Fits :-)


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