Sunday, April 01, 2012

Andu's new bookcase

Before...there was a room full of toys and games and plushies and books.....too many of them and not enough storage space.

So, since we love IKEA - even though it's 400km away :(  we bought one for her!

The favourite toys: Alexandra, the doll and Winnie the Ploosh have a special place!

Kitty the cat loves it, too! She still steals doll cloths from the basket, though - we find them all over the place :)

The other plushies are tucked away on the top; still it is a pace for the little wooden painting to hang by the window.
We have now 3bags of paper to recycle!

little things in little jars;
another painted wood block and a vintage wood toy;
squirell staring down from the top shelf
of course: collection of mini china

Details again:
another little toy
Andu's work in progress - school project: Spring
Andu's painting - with a little help from mommy
Don't throw away little things jar

this is the first post about the work we've done yesterday. I'll make another one with my new mini bookcase for my supplies. I'm happy!


  1. Wow, the transformation is unbelievable! Very nice and inspiring :) Good job!
    If all goes as planned we'll have IKEA in Vilnius by the end of 2013.. cannot wait.

  2. Grozav! Un coltisor de vis... Ce multe bucurii sunt acolo! Si Andu picteaza tare frumos :)

  3. Awww! Thank you! Ikea has some great storage solutions!

    Raluca, multumesc! Azi dimineata mi-a zis cand s-a trezit: "ma duc sa ma holbez la camera mea" :))


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