Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Turn the page

Random thoughts

Turn the page and here I am on the new chapter of my life. Would I like it? Would I like the life I have so long asked for? Wished for? dreamed of?
I have this feeling inside: "ok, God. I've done it. I quited my day job. Now, What amazing path do you have for me?"
 It is a beautiful, but not at all easy thing to do: to work for yourself; do I have the discipline? Do I love myself as much as to turn it into a glorious chapter?
I am now a work at home mom - difficult decision, it was!
I hope and pray, it was a good one.
What scared me the most, more than the bills comming, was the question: would I regret it later, not having the courage to jump? 
I imagine myself on a plateau, near the sea, the grass is burned from the sun, and there's no tree to make some shade. I am sitting on the age of the cliffs, a beautiful sea, a beautiful light I see ahead of me. I can hear some birds, i can see the seagulls. I want to jump, beacause I feel there's a beautiful land down there. I am afraid. It is safe here, on the sun dried cliffs. 
I want to jump.
Would the wind carry me to a beautiful life?

The first creation as a full time designer / knitter at Zucchini Island

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