Thursday, December 26, 2013

The knitted baby pants

If you think you can do something or that you can not do something, it's usually your mind that tells you this.

It's so funny! I am sure some of have gone through this, too:
I have built a  huge solid brick wall in my mind about the knitting of baby must be something very difficult to do, only for the most experienced knitters...I can not do it! No, not me! So I was looking for someone who could knit them for me.
I have called the grandma of one of my kiddo's friends (she is a fabulous woman, very nice) and asked her if she could knit for me some baby pants :) well, no need to say the mind blowing discussion I had with her! "wait a minute! why don't you do it??..."well, I can not, I don't know how, I bought a pattern and I can not understand a's so difficult...bla...bla...bla..."
"difficult? no, no, no, it's not difficult at all! Listen to do this and this, and like this...."
Wel, I did not understand the way she told me to do it....again...BUT she gave me the courage to grab a pair of needles an try!
I grabbed from the "memory box" a pair of baby pants that beloged to my daughter....and...Ta! da!
I could do it! I can do it! now I know! I Can Do It!

My very first knit baby pants!

So, forget the "can't", forget the "impossibles" forget the "not me" and just do whatver you want to do.

Peace and love!

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