Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Growing up together

This post is about my daughter and her friend Ilinca
We were just about in the same time pregnant me and my friend Claudia ...and during that period we hang out together a lot eating tons of oranges and watching surgeries on Reality TV - you know, I am the sensitive kind, I can not watch someone having a shot done....not to say about surgeries! So, that was the only time.
And here they came; Andreea and Ilinca :

Andreea and Ilinca at 1 yo.
 Andreea was born first, Ilinca 4 days later...from then, until now, the two girls are like sisters. Just like sisters, they miss each other when some time passes without seing ...they fight sometimes and forgive each other in 2 minutes and go and play in the next five minutes.

At my brother's wedding at 2 and a half

With Santa - they were almost 4

Playing in snow at about 6 :)
At a gimnastics show at 7 yo
Pure frienship :)


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  1. So lucky to have such good friends from the beginning!


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