Friday, September 02, 2011

Working (or not)

Just thought I'd share some of my recent work, although, it is not quite a "work" since I love doing it...or is it?
 Just another favourite quote:
Do what you love
Love what you do

A special order for someone who has become my friend even we haven't seen each other (well, just in photos), for Maria, I am so grateful she picked me to do her flowers :

This is from last night. (My table is still bearing the signs from the time I was into painting ;))
Just a few flowers, it was about 1AM, so I went to bed since today I got up at six to get ready to work. I will have them all done soon! xoxo
I was waiting for some swarovski cristals to arrive for a wedding dress applique; the cristals are so lovely, beautiful little treasures. Here it is the flower, I've finished it last night, too.


  1. Your flowers are so pretty! Have fun with your special order!

  2. Lovely! Thanks for visiting my blog. ;)

  3. very beautiful! you do very lovely work.

  4. Beautiful flowers! Looks like you have a busy day ahead of you!

  5. Just a short brake from work :)
    Big Big "Thank you!" for all the nice words!

  6. These are so pretty!
    And that swarovski centre is so perfect for a wedding!

  7. It is for a wedding dress. can't wait till december to see some pictures:)

  8. lovely shop! We can exchange buttons if you like!
    Sharing the love from


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