Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New 2012

one ended, new one beggins...many resolutions, many thoughts back..what could've been better, what was better than expected

I wish I could take the 365 challenge to blog every day / make a new photo every day / create something new every day; I know there might be one day I just wouldn't do anything.

I will do my best to
* blog everyday - a photo or a few words
* create something new (might it be  editing a photo)

This year is the "Quit your day job" year


  1. Really inspiring...God bless you and help you in all your expectations!I just love people having hopes and dreams,because,at the end of the day,isn't it the beauty of life,the beauty of living and not just being alive!Big hughs Ioana!

  2. Thank you, honey!
    Bless you, too!


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