Monday, May 21, 2012

100 Days of DO

The good thing and the bad thing about being your own boss is that you need to just kick your butt from time to time to stop fooling arround and send you to do the work. You know that when everything seems to come to an hold still and nothing seems to evolve, and you just feel stuck in a moment...
*let me get some more coffee, now, 'cause I need it*
I need a push in the right direction and for this I will set a taget of 100 days when I will post something new in one of my shops

♥EVERY DAY for 100 DAYS♥

Anyone else would like to join me in the 100 DAYS of DO?
Please do!
Let's do it together!

P.S. (about the words "one of my shops": I will soon need to decide upon ONE thing I will focus on, one thing that I will do, and keep the rest as a hobby, because I can not just stop doing it, since I love making them all)


  1. Keping fingers crossed for your success, Ioana!
    And I need to think of a goal for myself...

  2. That is a bit thing to decide! I wish you luck (and hard work) to achieve it!


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