Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting out of the sheets

I have just recently discovered  Marie Forleo (maybe some of you are familiar with, already) She is such an inspiration, so much fun to wach and there are so many things to learn!

I just can not stop watching MarieTV.
But I have to, because she is just making me question myself, my motivation, she just kicks my ass to make me MOOOVE!!! I have to improve this, I have to change that I shouldn't do that anymore!.....welll.
STOP. Take one step at a time.

Because I have recently just came out of a "want to stay in bed all day" period - oh! why didn't I find this last month????
Here's one answer to the question:
"What to to when you doubt of everything and want to stay in bed all day"it happened to me, and I am sure it HAS happen to you, too.

Come back here and tell me done that? been there?
Me too.


  1. I really have to take the time to thank you for sharing this! I'm just surprised how much this is going to help, wow!

    1. I am so glad you found it useful, too!
      Thank you for comming back here an letting me know!

  2. That is a great article/video. Thanks for sharing Ioana. I should work on some of those NNT.

    1. Indeed it is, Katerina!
      I realised when I listened the video that I only have one: in the morning enjoying my coffee. THAT is my Non Negociable Time :)


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