Thursday, June 07, 2012

How crazy are are your dreams

My big dreams are  BIG! BIG! BIG!

(they might be too BIG, but I still believe in them)

I live there, by the sea in a small white cottage with a porch and a big swing. 
I love having  all the pillows tucked there...
It is a great place to find peace and work on my white laptop; from time to time, a seagul' s sound attracts my attention...
The smell of the sea...
The soft breeze playing in my hair...
The crazy wind in the winter and the big drops of rain...
Thunder storms and hot summer days, I love them all!

Ain't this heaven? 
Oh, yes, it is my heaven!

I live there with my family and many friends come and spend their hollidays with us.

I hear the laughter of children playing.

There is a golden retriever there living with us. She just loves running on the beach!

There might more to it, but these are the details I have now.

I feel the inner peace I would feel
I feel the gratitude, the joy and happiness

I am opening my heart and soul, still searching for  my trybe...


  1. :) Very romantic cozy dream! May it all come true!

  2. Thank you!
    I wish you dreams come true, too!

  3. I am coming over for my holidays Ioana. Sounds great.

    1. katerina, please, do! I have one or two rooms for my friends and if those are already taken, there's always camping on the beach :))


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