Sunday, June 03, 2012

Sunday report: one week from my 100Days of DO challenge

I had quite a bussy week, this one, but today I am just a tiny bit of sad, so I am not that talkative (is this a word??) It might be...don't know

Days 7-14

Apple green organza brooch

Lavender chiffon with golden seed beads

A special order :) For Crystal, who is inlove with navy and white combination :)

Crystal's Brooch - white felt and navy center

Little brooches, too with rhinestone

Polka dots and navy little brooches


  1. very pretty!

    Maybe I should also launch a challenge. But I don't think I could last more than 7 days :D

    1. :))
      Dori, that's why I have made it public :)
      I feel pretty awkward to quit, now.
      Anyway, 100 days is a long road and I am only at the beggining ♥

  2. Beautiful! Love the special order.

  3. You've been pretty busy!
    I love the apple green organza! It's wonderful!


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