Sunday, June 10, 2012

Huge paper flower

I had this pinned on my DIY Board on Pinterest
 (yes, it is a link if you would like to find more great stuff I hoarded there ) :))

So, i had these huge wonderful paper flowers pinned, visiting from time to time asking
"How yo' r doing beautiful?"
thinking "I will have one of those in my home some day"
You know I've got a thing with beautiful stuff...I just have to try and make them. Got to!

So, please tell me: did I nailed it or, not?

My beautiful daughter so, you can tell how big it is :D


hiding in the orchids
I could do a million of these! this is how much I love them!
They would be great for a special day decorations, wouldn't they?

I wanted to upload a series of images I found on pinterest that guided me but Google said I have to buy storage if i would like to share another pic
E V E R!!!!
I am furoius at the moment so I share the link I found just now


  1. Such a beautiful flower. So big! It does look a lot of fun to make!! :)

  2. Aiiii! I am so glad you like it!!! And YES! it was a lot of fun!

  3. Very cool! These would be fun for wedding receptions and birthday parties!

  4. So pretty! I made huge tissue paper flowers for my "big girls" birthdays a couple years ago and they saved them for their rooms.

    1. My daughter Andreea asked me, too, to hang the flower in her room :)

  5. Beautiful flower and the little one it's more beautiful than the flower!!!


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