Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Sunday reports

Oh, my! When 2 week flew by??? I just realised that last week I have skipped my Sunday Report for my 100 Days Of DO.
I am guilty!
BUT I was bussy, I had some sales on Flowers By Kara Yeeeyy! to that! This challenge got me mooving!
I was making the flowers, relisting some of them... special ones for some special ladies :)
2 new crochet necklaces sold already to a friend of mine (maybe I should re-make them)
I made a dress for my daughter from one of the skirts I made for me and never wore
I could promise you the photos of everything but they are no longer in my home, mostly
(do you see me blushing?)

I leave you with an old project of mine: from a felted sweater I made for Deea: a hat, a scarf and fingerless gloves; a brooch, a hat for the doll :))

and a bird for my flowers ♥

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