Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Taking a shower?

For the past few days it has been a real hot summer, well July isn't called for nothing "oven's month" in my country - it really deserves this nick name.
To the joy of everyone it seemed that a thunderstorme was comming, I mean, there were lightings and thunders and strong wind and dark clouds....
....for about five minutes...
and a few drops of rain....just a few.
When I looked at my window I saw two doves taking showers :))
They were lifting their wings, for the drops of rain to fall under, on their, most certainly, hot little bodies.
I could not stop to smile and to photograph them :) ..for the whole five minutes the rain lasted
one wing..

and the other one!

her, too!

..aaand the other wing!

I hope you enjoied my little doves ♥

Ioana aka Kara


  1. Oooooh, I love doves! And especially seeing them take a shower (or a bath)! But I hate pigeons....

    1. it was a little shower :)
      I wonder if they are the same ones that come to my balcony and wait for me to feed them :)

  2. Ioana, so sweet :)

    Dori: what the difference between doves and pigeons?

  3. so, these are doves, not pigeons?


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