Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Feel the feelings of life

Have you read "The secret"? Or watched the moovie? I am sure many of you have, I did both and found it (at the moment) so illuminating in some ways, found the answers to many question, and had quite a few "Aha!" moments. 
This led me to the idea that happy thoughts bring happy life, the feeling of wealth bring actually the wealth, and everything good: if it lives in your mind and heart, it will eventually be in your life, too.

So I struggled.
I struggled to feel happy despite it all.
I struggled to feel rich, despite the fact that I am not.
I struggled not to feel the anger if I had reasons to be angry.
To be positive all the time.

It was a struggle because it did not came from inside; it was something that my mind was dictating to my heart: feel this!

All until one day when I let my heart decide what it wanted to feel. I let it feel the sadness and the happiness;  feel the anger and the joy; feel discouraged and feel uplifted. 
Such a healing discovery!

Feel all the feelings of life.
They were meant to be felt.


  1. Great post! I haven't read or seen it but it sounds very interesting, I love to read inspirational books!

    1. Thank you, Julie! It is quite a read.


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