Thursday, August 02, 2012

Hand knit baby blanket

Andu's blanket from when she was a baby, is still here with us; she still uses it from time to time, specialy when we travel, or when she takes a nap. It is made from knit squares that are sewed together.
It is so cute and cuddly (is this a word??) Hmmm....

Since then, and it's been 8 years, I hadthis thought on the back of my mind that i wanted to make another

and, I am happy to say, that it is almost finished (yeeeey! go me!) :)

The squares are bigger. So, my question is:
should it be 22.4x22.4 inch?
or 33.6x33.6 inch?
Please help!

Thanks so much for being here!
I♥ you!

ioana a.k.a kara


  1. Adorabila patura Ioana! Sunt a new follower, cand ai ocazia viziteaza si follow blogul meu:


    Alina =)

  2. SO beautiful! I love this point of knitting, Arroz in Portuguese = rice.

    1. yes, it is "Bob de orez" that means rice, too! ♥

  3. Ioana, this is very sweet! Make it big! :)) xx

  4. Dori,thank you! I have already 9 squares of 11inch each, so, I'll make it 33x33.
    But Ihave a big dilema :(
    2 squares are slightly lighter in color.
    I think I'll make another two to the same ivory as the rest. So, the blanket is not ready yet
    ♥ soon!

  5. Lovely blanket.I better get my mum to do some knitting for me. :)


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