Friday, July 27, 2012

Let it stay for a while

As I was feeling so low, I started reading one blog post that caught my eyes, or my so undersized curiosity for anything  these days because nothing seemed interesting, nothing seemed to have the shine to draw me back from the lone, dark nest I have build around me.
It said:
"Who you are is incredible. Who you are is amazing. Full. Whole. Unbroken. Magnificent to your very core...which is made of stardust, love and the possibility of everything else in this amazing world. You are divine. There is nothing that you ever need to do to prove that you are worthy and deserving...worthy is your very nature." (from Kind Over Matter - The great remembering)

Words had no meaning. I did not feel at all incredible, I did not feel amazing, nor whole, not at all unbroken. The star dust flew away, love was nowhere to be found....worth of anything,  deserving nothing. I just read on. After the fist paragraph I did not get anything past the dark cloud floating around me.  
 I started again to read it from the beginning.
And again.
I was waiting for, hoping for a ray to break through day......

I understand that my eyes need to be closed at some point for them to open and see the world in all it's beauty 

I will open them soon. 
Now, I' ll just stay one more minute with my eyes closed and enjoy the silence of the darkness.

White Flower 

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