Sunday, November 24, 2013


Many times I wonder do I feel gratefull? Really, really gratefull? But what is gratitude? I mean, do I feel the imense joy  inside just because  my life is the way it is, the imense happynes that I have everything that I do have: material and non material things; money can buy and money can not: child, parents, friends.... knowledge, courage...are these our own posessions or God trusted us with them to do the best we can: raise children the best way we know, to be sure they will live a happy life; to love, honor and protect our parents since we chose them for this life to make us the person we are today; to cherish our true friends like they are our brothers and sisters that we have found to walk with us in life.

Do I?

Today I do.
Today I feel imense gratitude for everything my life is.
I am gratefull for the courage to have chosen to to what I love doing despite all the no-nos. I am grateful that I conquered the fear of loosing the stability to the freedom.

I am gratefull for my parents: that they live. yes, I am so, so happy that they are alive, that I can hug them and talk to them, that my dad can still teach me how to make his delicious pilaf. I thank God for that.

I am gratefull for my dear friends, just a handfull of people, that I deeply love.

Yes. today I humbly give thanks for everything that I am and everything that I have.

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