Friday, July 18, 2014

Knitting from a pattern

so, here I am obessing about baby girl dresses, I mean knitted baby girl dresses: I am looking for patterns, free patterns, payed patterns, and I buy some, just in case until it grows into quite a collection of baby girl dresses pdfs

now I'm looking for the ones that I could actually knit with my limited skills, (I'd say) and my thing, that I don't use the bellow 4mm needles. reading, looking for the gauges...hmmm 26 stitches for 4"? that's a lot!

after some days have passed and I was just drawling on pinterest for all the pretty lil' baby girl dresses, I come across this fab cotton yarn: looking like a happy rainbow. I can see the swallows flying by! and I can just imagine....what a cutie!

Picking one of the patterns, looking good....checking the gauge....hmmm ..almost, but I do some math and hey! I'll multiply everything by 0.68 and it'll be just fab! (did I mention that I love math?) always did. :)

they say cast on 69 stitches? well, almost 47, I cast on 47....and off I go and I just loove it!

wait a minute, wait a minute! the shoulders were supposed to be a couple of inches! they are wayy to big!

oh, my! oh, my! I worked half a day on this! I will NOT undo it! Nope!

It's kindda cute, don't you think?

I decided to make a poncho :)
Knit on, girl, knit on!

Did I do ok after all? I think so! It is quite a sweet poncho! with a bandana to fit, too!

So, if life gives you lemons? 

PS Always check your gauge! or you might end up with a poncho instead of a dress!
hugs 'n kisses

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  1. Very pretty! All you need now is a baby to put in it :)


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