Saturday, August 30, 2014

A trip to my candy store

I am sure for all the knitters out there the candy shop is the yarn shop, am I right? when I enter I am like a kid and I just don't know what to get because I want to get it all!

So, I have to make a plan about what I will knit, then pick the yarn for it. if I don't do this, I will leave with a full bag and an empty wallet!
I mean, look at all these beauties! 
And the reasonable part of me has to ask: "What are you plan to do with it?"

I know! I will offer grab bags, in just one color: let's say, 3 different blue bonnets, like I had before and they were pretty appreciated in the shop. 

Now, the question: what color? 

I know that most of the photographers prefer organic, neutral colors, but I am sure there are my kind of people out there with the bold and happy colors, so TODAY I go for the bright 'n sunny yellow: 

 Really did not needed this yarn, but, hey, I only got 3!
(and a new pair of needles)

You are loved!

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